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Kift Neuw: YiGbu::

Posted on: December, 2008

This is  a lyrics beit for Amharic music ( sadly blogger only speaks Amharic)

If you are looking for lyrics of particular Amarigna song(s) drop a line or two here.  :=)

Melkam Qoyita!

2 Responses to "Kift Neuw: YiGbu::"

hey i just discoverd this page/web today and its awsome even theough it is in amro english or amharic in english letters i could still read it you know what i mean its not hard at all now i get to jam with the music my self cuz u know i will have the world of the song down any way who ever started this web page its great.


Hello senait! Thank you for your visit. I’m glad you like it.

Keep visiting for more lyrics, and if there’s any particular song you would like posted here, feel free to drop your request.



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