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Request Line

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to request your lyrics. You can also post your request on our facebook page!

Please let us know if you notice any errors in the lyrics posted, as some ቃላት are sometimes difficult to comprehend or hear.



425 Responses to "Request Line"

Mar eske tuaf Teddy Afro please!!


Zeritu kebede -yenem ayne aytual


Ethiopia by Teddy Afro


“በትዳር አብረን እኑር
ለትዳር አብረን እንጣር
ትዳር ትዳር ይላል ጠንካራው መንፈሴ…”
በ 90ዎቹ አካባቢ በጣም የታወቀ የሰርግ ዘፈን ነበር::
ቃላቱን በጣም ፈልጌ ነበር: ለመሆኑ የማን ዘፈን ነው?


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