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Lanchi Biye – Tilahun Gessesse

Posted on: February, 2009

Lanchi Biye by Tilahun Gessesse

Album: Ethiopiques-17: Tlahoun Gésséssé
Listen below:

CHaka hone wey sheleQo
Hagerunim aQuariCHei
Bagegnish destaye neber
Keminor b’hasab tewuCHei
Endeit ladrig, yenei fiQir
Ezoralehu, hager l’hager


Mezor eneyn, mech selechegn
Gena bizu, yiQeregnal
Anchin eskagegn, diresss
Mechey dikam, yisemagnal
EndaTefi, kaleshibet
AhliQribish, sinkeratet

Hmmm…. ha ha ha ha ha

Lanchi biyei, hulun tichey
Sifeligish, inoralehu
EndaTefi, aderashin
BeQirb Qen, idersalehu
EndaTefi, kaleshibet
AhliQribish, sinkeratet

hmmm…..ha ha ha ha ha ha malef…
Ha ha ha ha ha ha

3 Responses to "Lanchi Biye – Tilahun Gessesse"

adenaqishe nege berta…………


Is there somewhere to find this song translated into english?


The lyrics of the song is indeed deep and strong. It’s a well written Amharic song. It’s hard but I can try.
Through the jungle and the deep valley
Crisscrossing every States,
Hoping I would find you,
So I would be joyful.
Living in vain thinking about you,
What else could I do, my love,
except searching for you
Wondering from one state to another.
I shall never be tired of finding you,
I know i a lot more to go,
until I find you though,
My strength will not give up.
Wherever you may be
don’t get lost on me please,
don’t let me wonder in vain forever.
Hemmm… ha ha ha ha ha
I’ve given up everything for you,
for I must find you,
don’t get lost on me please
I will be there very soon,
Don’t you let me wonder in vain forever.
Hemmm ha ha ha ha ha ha (?inaudible)
Ha ha ha ha ha ha


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